Spiritual Detox


Now enrolling for the Spring 2020!

Program runs: MARCH 29 - MAY 24


Don't live 2020 feeling stuck in the last decade!

For many years I was so lost and confused on my path, that found myself in some really devastating relationships -- work relationships, romantic relationships, and most painfully, my relationship with myself. I was spiritually mis-aligned and was suffering day in and day out because of it. Outside of my formal academic education, I've spent over 10 years studying the chakra system, and the last 5 putting this knowledge into deliberate practice, to heal and grow. I've gained many tools and skills to radically shift my life, walk in my purpose, and to manifest my dreams... and I want to share them with YOU! 

If you are feeling stagnant and disappointment with how things are going in your life, I created this program just for you!

You don't need to suffer like I did!

This course is a comprehensive introduction to my years of formal and experiential studies in the chakra system, yogic practices, movement, somatic practices, and spiritual teachings.

Not only am I bringing you long-lasting tools for radical change in your life, I'm offering you direct mentorship -- something I wish I had during my own journey.

I feel so honored to pass these teachings along and help you live in alignment with your passion and purpose!

Program Details



  • Detailed self-care program

  • Education on the chakra system

  • Weekly guided meditations

  • Daily affirmations

  • Weekly livestream with Q&A

  • Direct mentorship

  • Community support



  • Register today!

  • Approach the course with curiosity!

  • Login weekly for detox + self-care plan

  • Check email for daily affirmations

  • Respond to weekly journal prompts

  • Share experience in Community Forum

  • Ask questions during weekly livestream



This course is like a spiritual "do-over" if you feel stuck, stagnant or rudderless in life.


[The program] is authentic because it doesn't feel like an actual program --

it feels like a family.


You won’t regret it, this program has the potential to open many doors within you... I feel I received 1000% of my money’s worth and much more.


I almost wanted to cry (happy tears) cause of how impactful Inertia's teachings are!


Are you ready to get back on track?

Still not sure if this is for you?... no problem!

Here's the thing, when you feel lost in your own life it can feel like a crisis. So how do you actually know if you need this program or if therapy is a more appropriate next step? Or maybe some other option is best?


You book a free consultation with me with absolutely NO expectation or obligation, and you get direct feedback from a professional on what type of support would best serve you at this time.


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist  |  Certified Yoga Teacher  |  Integrative Health Coach 

213-534-7324  inertiadewitt@gmail.com

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Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist  #106572

employed by MHJ THERAPY & ASSOCIATES supervised by Malaika Hill-Jones, LMFT #88217

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Last updated August 2020