As a Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, I specialize in helping clients heal from trauma, abusive relationship patternsdepression, anxiety self-esteem and current relationship issues. I work with adolescents, adults, couples, and families from the lens of healing in an embodied and practical way.

Psychotherapy is an avenue for you to process and transform deeply rooted patterns that cause difficulty in your life. These patterns are established in childhood and early adulthood within the context of our relationships with others and continue to play out in relationships until we do the work to change them.


Couples are often challenged to work through these patterns together. However without new skills and perspectives, the problems tend to get exacerbated instead of resolved.


Within the safety and confidentiality of the therapeutic relationship, emotional wounds are tended with care so that they may heal. When working with couples and families, my aim is to provide new ways of relating so that the relationships are brought closer together.


I work in Sacramento at MHJ Therapy & Associates under the

supervision of Malaika Hill-Jones, LMFT.

I am currently accepting new clients for individual and couples therapy. If you are a new client, all forms and scheduling will be managed in the Client Portal on Simple Practice






$125 per 45 min. individual session 

$175 per 75 min. individual session

$200 per 80 min. couples/family session


By Appointment Only


3112 O Street, Suite 12

Sacramento, CA 95816

If the door is closed, please wait in the lobby


In my work as a Healing Arts Practitioner, I provide alternative approaches to mental health via mindfulnesssomatic healing, yoga, spiritual teachings,

astro-numerology readings and creativity exercises. I offer tools, classes, and immersive programs rooted in spirituality and modern science, geared to help you reach your personal goals and live the life you desire. I provide spiritually-rooted coaching services to help you unlock your passion and live a life in alignment with your truth.

I work in with clients all over the world online and in person, when it permits.


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist  |  Certified Yoga Teacher  |  Integrative Health Coach 


California | Online

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist  #106572

employed by MHJ THERAPY & ASSOCIATES supervised by Malaika Hill-Jones, LMFT #88217

employed by LIFE COMPASS COUNSELING supervised by Lee Ockenden, LMFT #38216

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Last updated January 2020