You deserve to feel peace and joy in your life.

You deserve to shine your light.

You deserve to express yourself and be heard.

You deserve a safe space to heal. 

Are you ready to receive?


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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. 

My name is Inertia DeWitt and I am so grateful for you considering me as a source of support during your healing journey. 


As a mental health professional, my aim is to provide safe and sound therapeutic experiences for my clients to deepen self-awareness and strengthen their inner powerI am a firm believer of the innate healing power of the body and I help clients tap into this process through use of somatic and expressive-art therapies. Everything is in motion and movement is a sign of vitality; I aim to help you reclaim and embrace your own vitality. 


I am passionate about helping people reconnect with their bodies, and therefore their creative power. I believe that if you activate creativity, you awaken your spirit and encourage the human body's natural propensity to heal itself. 

In my work as a Healing Arts Practitioner, I provide education and experiential opportunities in mindfulness, somatic practices, yoga and other ancient spiritual teachings. As more and more empirical research is published that validates the efficacy of yoga and mindfulness practices, the more the mental health field is widely adopting these practices. However, many clinicians are not trained in these areas.


If you are looking for an alternative approach to talk-therapy that includes your body and spirituality, I offer free 20-minute consultations to prospective clients. 



Join my site and check out the growing list of resources available,

including handouts on common mental health issues, an introduction to the chakra system, and guided mindfulness exercises. 


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist  |  Certified Yoga Teacher  |  Integrative Health Coach 


California | Online

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist  #106572

employed by MHJ THERAPY & ASSOCIATES supervised by Malaika Hill-Jones, LMFT #88217

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Last updated August 2020